June 2, 2011

day thirty-one - sun bear

sun bears are (actually) one of my favourite animals. so much so that one of my loveliest friends adopted one at the adelaide zoo as a present for me. unfortunately they're one of my least favourite animals to see at the zoo. so what a terrible present that was.

(not really, but the sun bears pace. a lot. and as their official [i have a certificate] mother that makes me uncomfortable)

© jem barratt

i just have so much to say about sun bears! they are the smallest bears in the world, they wiggle when they walk (well when they climb - check 'life of mammals' if you don't believe me), they actually eat honey, they have incredibly long tongues, and they're so so sleepy.

i love that their sunny patch can also be viewed as the mess left over from all that honey they eat. sticky, sleepy, super-cute sun bears.


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