July 10, 2011

day sixty-nine - pygmy slow loris

saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. that's how you should feel about this guy:

© jem barratt

he may be smiling, but he is listed as vulnerable and is one of the targets of the illegal pet trade. if those IDIOTS that want primates as pets really love animals, they wouldn't perpetuate the trade.

sorry to be so righteous, i'm just furious that animals get put down for attacking their 'owners'. i mean hey, i want a slow loris creeping about the place as much as the next guy but i'm not that selfish.

sad times. not to mention the breeder primates are forcefully impregnated, which causes all sorts of health issues. people... why do you suck so?

i wish a baboon would steal these people's babies and keep them in cages...

p.s. on the bright side, look how cute lorises are when you tickle them!

p.p.s. i hope that video didn't inspire you to get a pet loris...

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