August 24, 2011

day one-hundred-and-fourteen - cardinal

what's cool about a cardinal apart from the way it looks? well it is the official bird of seven states in the usa - either there aren't many birds in america or the cardinal is super cool.

© jem barratt

i'm going to go with the latter. i like how this looks like a stamp but without having to go through the trouble of making a stamp.

continuing with facts:

- both lady cardinals and man-dinals sing, which is not the norm for songbirds. usually it's just the males
- only the males are red. but its ok, for as nat geo tries to spin it, "females are an attractive tan/grey". sorry nat geo did you just say attractive grey? just spit it out, it sucks to be a lady
- or DOES IT? man cardinals feed their monogamous partners while they egg-sit. sweet! catered on claw and... foot claw?

what a rollercoaster ride this was. well, until next animal...


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