September 13, 2011

day one-hundred-and-thirty-four - musk lorikeet

a timeline of my relationship with musk lorikeets:

four-and-a-bit months ago: i find out what a musk lorikeet is
four months ago: i paint this guy
one-and-a-half weeks ago: i realise they live in south australia!
four days ago: i stop and watch them on my walk home
today: they weren't in their home-tree, so i made my own: (uh oh, colon within a colon)

© jem barratt

hee hee hee, so cute! i like watching rosellas and rainbow lorikeets too (you can never be unhappy looking at a parrot), and even had a galah eating the soursobs in my front yard the other day, but musk lorikeets are a bit fatter and more squat than all of the above.

and... oh

it seems i have drawn a 'little lorikeet' by accident. FINE! timeline of the little lorikeet:

today: i learn what a little lorikeet is when i accidentally draw it thinking it is a musk lorikeet

no biggie - in fact i may like little lorikeets more. thanks happy accident! but for your information here is the real deal...

© jem barratt

seems i know nothing about animals. what i do know is that musk lorikeets are bandito birds, while little lorikeets look like they've been face-punched by red paint.


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