November 20, 2011

day two-hundred-and-two - clouded leopard

clouded (nebulosus) leopard (neofelis [or more accurately 'new cat']). ol' cloudy new-cat here is an excellent climber, but rather vulnerable to extinction. some good and bad news there.

however, the markings on their back APPARENTLY resemble clouds - which i am abivalent about, given the actual real-life resemblance...

© jem barratt

not that i drew its body of course. that's way too much effort for lazy ol' me. hey at least i drew a whole head. it's a start.

apologies (i just typed that as spologies, which frankly sounds 17 times better) for using the preface 'ol'' twice. and also for quoting 'ol'' because it looks super weird.


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