December 6, 2011

day two-hundred-and-eighteen - douroucouli

or night monkey, which frankly is a cooler name and much easier to type

© jem barratt

i stuffed up the good sketch, so decided to make the whole thing silly. his left-chin should also be 'white' (i.e. cardboard coloured).

in any case, douroucoulis are weirdos and seem to have a penchant for stuffing themselves (and as many friends as can fit) into holes. that's the best example, because each looks different - the baby looks typically cute, the one at the back looks like a gremlin, the main one just looks plain creepy (as most night or owl monkeys do), and the last guy just looks awesome and also shows off his tiny, tiny face.

i bet they also have a penchant for staring into human souls and plotting their demise...

it's really a shame that i didn't illustrate their feet, because that makes them seem even creepier and as though perhaps they'll reach out to stoke your sleeping head before they eat your face (they probably don't do this...)

ok i may have been a bit harsh. they are cool, being the only nocturnal monkey and all, and they live in sout america which is always a plus, but really all i can truly feel about them is unease.

and suspicion...

*squinted eyes*


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