December 21, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-three - xmas panther

on the FIFTH day before xmas, jemma realised she uses caps too much (and also she drew a panther card):

© jem barratt

i particularly like this guy because he's so cool about having his tail wrapped in fairy lights... 'what of it?'

what of it indeed mr xmas panther. or should i say mr black leopard?

no. that sounds stupid. and i don't care if panthers are just reverse-albinos, they're still cool enough for me to treat them as their own animal. also i haven't drawn a normal leopard yet so it doesn't matter.


p.s. how cool would it be if there were 'panthers' in other species, like kiwis and snakes. then we could pit good (albinos) against evil (panthers) in a huge animal fight... if that were acceptable and ethical of course

p.p.s. it's not

p.p.p.s. also didn't that da vinci movie teach us that albinos are maybe the evil ones

p.p.p.p.s. maybe i should have read about melanistic animals before i wrote this...

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