January 5, 2012

day two-hundred-and-forty-eight - panda (NOOO not more pandas!) yes more pandas

woah long title. long but necessary i feel. early post too hey? well i TRICKED you all, because i wrote this last night - i just have to post it before i jet off to somewhere slightly more awesome than my hometown but not so awesome i would live there... so devious i know

anyhoo, as promised a created-but-definitely-not-drawn-unless-drawing-with-stitches-counts-in-which-case-this-kinda-would-huzzah animal...

© jem barratt

a pattern i scoured from this creative lady's post. i don't think i stuffed him enough but he is just sooo cute and i wanted to keep him all for myself and not give him to my cousin's two-and-a-half year old daughter (who is pretty ridiculously cute herself).


© jem barratt

such an unnecessary close-up. i love it!


p.s. can't post again until saturday due to above-mentioned town, but i will try my darndest to draw on friday anyhow... i should at least do one of those two things in this blog - either draw on the day or post on the day

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