January 22, 2012

day two-hundred-and-sixty-five - andean bear

one-hundred days to go yo!

and to celebrate that milestone, i have breaking news of express evolution in andean bears...

© jem barratt

a watercolour picture is not proof you say? well how about a photo smart-arse?

yeah. they love keeping abreast of the day's instances.

sometimes i think i must seem creative, what with my drawings of lemurs leap-frogging turtles and bears reading the paper, but ALAS all i can do is copy existing occurences. because we all know what happens when i try to be original. and if you didn't, you now do, which i really shouldn't have made you aware of!


p.s. god DAMN you 'telegraph' for always listing alternative names for species. at first i thought this was a spectacled bear, and delighted in the chance to write "spectacled bear needs his spectacles" because it's clearly hilarious, but then spied the caption 'andean bear'
WELL apparently they are one and the same

p.p.s. one day i will draw something awesome and know lots of cool shit about it, just you wait!

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