February 25, 2012

day two-hundred-and-ninety-nine - alpine newt

what are the chances i can draw the final 66 animals this weekend? i can't see how i can spend much time on drawing with uni starting in two days, although i won't have a job after friday. that's the trick. be unemployed! then you can achieve anything! (except living of course, and eating and such...)

in any case, the alpine newt doesn't have such worries. because he has a bright orange belly and comely spots (comely sounds like such a dirty word for some reason).

© jem barratt

plus, he's clearly ready for action.

those colours are so inaccurate - but you get the gist. all the photos of these guys are of them swimming, but they actually live in forests. forest pools i guess... but they are only marine (and orange) during mating season. once that's all done and dusted they come back to land and become boring brown newts once more. what a cool newt though - they get to have an aquatic alter ego!

alright. that's enough for today.


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