February 2, 2012

day two-hundred-and-seventy-six - philippine eagle

i'm beginning to think the scanner i love may not be so great...

© jem barratt

i can't blame the scanner entirely - i can also blame my photoshop-laziness and tiny sketchbook. it doesn't matter. what does matter is that i like this picture a lot.

yay! finally!

wikipedia suggests these guys are also known as 'monkey-eating eagles' but i'm not sure i trust that. they do in fact eat monkeys (and flying lemurs!), but the name just seems too much. actually the very idea that a bird can eat a monkey is too much.

but that's not even the best thing about these birds. they are critically endangered... and how cool is that!? no, seriously though, because of their conservation status you can be jailed for up to twelve years if you kill and/or eat one. awesome. go the philippines!

and don't be amazed by their penchant for eating flying lemurs - it may seem like they fly to madagascar just for a feed, but no, the 'lemurs' they eat are not lemurs at all. only nominally. and actually they can't fly either... but that is a story i have ruined for another day

in the meantime admire this badass eagle, and wish for some more devious 'lemurs' to 'fly' its way and keep the species alive.


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