March 19, 2012

day three-hundred-and-twenty-two - golden brushtail possum

here's an interesting fact about possums:

© jem barratt

unless they die in your roof that is. in the middle of an adelaide summer.

and then your dad has to climb into the roof and scoop the mess into a garbage bag and dispose of it. and he won't let you see it because it is actually just liquid.


but that probably won't happen to you. i mean it's happened to me twice but maybe i'm WHY it's not happening to you.

in other news, possums are actually exceptionally cute and native, and therefore you should ignore their general nutjobbedness (and also that possum-covered-man/lady who kisses possums in a park at melbourne by moonlight [seriously]) and just accept them already.



p.s. plus they're not as crazy as opossums, or anti-possums as i like to call them

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