December 31, 2011

day two-hundred-and-forty-three - xmas sea otter

who's ready for the worst new year ever!?

© jem barratt

this guy, because he clearly loves christmas and all christmas-related puddings...

oh and me!

happy new year no-one


December 30, 2011

day two-hundred-and-forty-two - xmas bottlenose dolphin

don't worry guys, i'm as sick of christmas cards as you

© jem barratt

so just ignore the highlighted bits and consider it a normal dolphin i guess...


December 29, 2011

day two-hundred-and-forty-one - xmas manatee

this one makes little to no sense

© jem barratt

which is probably why i like it so much


December 28, 2011

day two-hundred-and-forty - xmas fallow deer

i'm starting to feel weird posting christmas animals three days after christmas day, but i must reiterate how lazy i am...

(too lazy to spell out how lazy i am)

[except i just did]

© jem barratt

i like the baubles but the deer looks quite average.

oh well!


December 27, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-nine - xmas hermit crab

two days past christmas, but it's hard to see a calendar out of a huge shell...

© jem barratt

that's why he looks like he's running so as to not be late for christmas.

too late hermit crab. too late.


December 26, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-eight - xmas hippo

the first post-christmas christmas card:

© jem barratt

hope your christmas was as great as mine... i love christmas


December 25, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-seven - xmas humboldt penguin

on this, the day of christmas, i made a penguin card:

© jem barratt

like he said. (merry xmas!!)

if you're reading this on christmas day - STOP immediately and go have a lovely day, even if you don't celebrate christmas.


December 24, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-six - xmas badger

on the day before christmas i made a badger card:

© jem barratt

wow not having to draw makes me forget i even have this blog. oops! at least i have the inspirational music from 'stripes' to egg me on.

(you can egg things on right?)


December 23, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-five - xmas pig

on the third day before christmas i made a piggy card (and some jam [and truffles...]):

© jem barratt

and i also ate too much, which does not bode well for christmas day.


December 22, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-four - xmas fur seal

on the fourth day before christmas i made a fur seal card:

© jem barratt

obviously this guy is not an angel for christmas reasons but because he is a seal, and getting clubbed (and thus ascending to heaven) is what they deserve.



p.s. i hope you're ready for one-and-a-half weeks of christmas-themed animals beyond christmas, because i am taking the lazy route and not drawinf fresh animals for the next two weeks - just gonna post my cards

December 21, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-three - xmas panther

on the FIFTH day before xmas, jemma realised she uses caps too much (and also she drew a panther card):

© jem barratt

i particularly like this guy because he's so cool about having his tail wrapped in fairy lights... 'what of it?'

what of it indeed mr xmas panther. or should i say mr black leopard?

no. that sounds stupid. and i don't care if panthers are just reverse-albinos, they're still cool enough for me to treat them as their own animal. also i haven't drawn a normal leopard yet so it doesn't matter.


p.s. how cool would it be if there were 'panthers' in other species, like kiwis and snakes. then we could pit good (albinos) against evil (panthers) in a huge animal fight... if that were acceptable and ethical of course

p.p.s. it's not

p.p.p.s. also didn't that da vinci movie teach us that albinos are maybe the evil ones

p.p.p.p.s. maybe i should have read about melanistic animals before i wrote this...

December 20, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-two - xmas snub-nosed monkey

on the... what is it SIXTH!? day of xmas i made a monkey card:

© jem barratt



*shaking fist*


December 19, 2011

day two-hundred-and-thirty-one - xmas sheep

on the whatever day until christmas i drew something or other...

© jem barratt

he looked good 'til i attempted to draw tinsel

now i can't be bothered talking about it. i'm going to go draw a badger instead.


p.s. i hope you mistook that underlined emphasis for a hyperlink. muah ha HA HA