May 16, 2011

day fourteen - lyrebird

or superb lyrebird to be precise. but that's a bit arrogant.

© jem barratt

this particular specimen is so arrogant that he partially destroyed a tree just to make himself look good. (i certainly didn't destroy the branch, i just scanned an actual lyrebird and this is how it came out...)

whoever destroyed what, lyrebirds really are superb and have actually earned their nomenclature. not only do they SUPERBLY immitate other bird calls, but even machinery, construction sounds, and human voices. the adelaide zoo recorded this feat (performed in the midst of their pre-panda renovations) for you to gape at.

truly amazing. so how come they're only on the 10c coin and not the 100 dollar note?

1 comment:

  1. This is the coolest bird (especially Chook at the Adelaide Zoo).