May 11, 2011

day nine - rhino

the diceros bicornis to be exact (or black rhino). i haven't been nearly factual enough in this blog, so here we go:

© jem barratt
  • the species names have nothing to do with colour (as both are grey). white rhinos are square-lipped and black ones hook-lipped. white rhinos graze grass - black rhinos browse vegetation
  • although bulky, rhinos are agile and can turn quickly in tight spaces. just ask this guy (or watch him rather)
  • baby rhinos are gangly-ly cute - an undeniable fact

woah too much.

just go to monarto and learn about rhinos for yourself (assuming you live in the exact town i do, which is safe to do on the interwebs). although we don't have black rhinos, our southern white rhino just had a baby! i'll meet you there.


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