May 21, 2011

day nineteen - gibbon

to make up for my lack of effort yesterday, today i will display TWO animals.

first we have one of my favourite animals (a descriptor i tend to give to most animals), the gibbon. they are amazing, from their exaggerated limbs to their ball-and-socket wrists (allowing patented 360 degree SWIVEL ACTION in the trees) to their goofy expressions they're just the best!

© jem barratt

this one is unnaturally sad. maybe because he is being figuratively crushed by "man's economic world". (sketchbook courtesy of art-man about town chris edser, by the way). but usually they are laughing it up, racing around the trees or annoying the crap out of tigers.

OR eating their own crap:

© jem barratt

see. amazing.

our other animal today is courtesy of my man friend - the proverbial mantis to my sparrow (and incidentally the actual mantis to my sparrow). today he gifted me an actual mantis in a jar:

© jem barratt

of course i let him out. but i would like to have a mantis-pet, and not just a mantis-boyfriend. well that sounds weird... a REAL mantis for a pet, a NOMINAL mantis for the latter. sorted.


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