May 19, 2011

day seventeen - elephant

well i am certainly posting late considering i drew this picture in my lunch break. in any case here he is...

© jem barratt

technically it's two animals: elephants and non-specific-birdies. also i did draw the birdies from these earrings which i do actually own and love (i'm not a filthy avian thief... although... i REALLY want a cockatiel)

now that's quite cute and twee, but get prepared for the creepy nutjobbery that is a baby elephant. i know what you're thinking:
you: "how does she know what i'm thinking? is she a mind reader? no wonder she loves creepy nutjobs - elephants of a feather and all that"
me: "hey! don't think rude thoughts about a mind reader... i CAN read you"

woah. anyhoo, what you were actually thinking is "no way are baby elephants creepy".
ohhh reeeaaaaally?

© jem barratt

they seriously do all have pink-eye.

curse the perils of accurately capturing nutjobbery in a drawing. i even used microsoft paint to up the creepiness. why is it that when you want to see a cute elephant all you can find is this, but when you're actively searching for the most horrific elephant alive, all you get is this?

i hope i haven't planted the seed for any nightmares tonight.


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