May 12, 2011

day ten - blue-grey gnatcatcher

double digits!! let's celebrate with angry birds...

© jem barratt

oh you thought i meant the game? i can't at all see how you would have reached that conclusion. in any case this is a real life angry bird, and incidentally exactly how i think i would look as an animal.

he is a blue-grey gnatcatcher, which is a great sounding name but not so much a great sounding game. although why they didn't portmanteau that into gnatcher i'll never know.

makin' up for the real facts i included yesterday by drawing an animal i know nothing about! woo! here's a photo so you can revel in his furious glory.


1 comment:

  1. I'm liking that this blog seems to be turning into a daily parade of emotional animals. Keep it up. Dare you.