May 23, 2011

day twenty-one - generic fish

oh noes. now i've hit twenty there are two hyphens in the title - an editor's nightmare!

ANYHOO, today's animal is my all-time favourite... generic fishies!

© jem barratt

i just love their chosen habitat and specific behaviours and all their other idiosyncrasies. convincing no?

i'll be honest with you - originally i was cross-stitching a stag beetle. but two hours after i had begun i still had not completed his damned abdomen (damndomen) and i ran out of thread. so i gave up and stamped some fish instead.

thus i cannot impart my (copy-pasted) animalistic knowledge upon you today, as this is no species in particular. but i can show you this! nat geo is the best. [side note: how have i not linked to something to do with sir attenborough yet!? must get onto that tomorrow]


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