May 22, 2011

day twenty - panda

wow. i did not think this through. 345 days to go?! waaaah.

in any case, people who know me would probably say pandas are my favourite animals. but only those that truly know me, know exactly why i love them.

© jem barratt

before i elaborate, i should just say that i love the branding on the haighs/adelaide zoo chocolates and wanted to try the style for myself.

now for some facts about/reasons to truly love pandas:
- pandas cannot resist climbing twigs that have no hope of holding their body weight
- pandas look like humans in suits
- pandas somersault. A LOT
- pandas catch peacocks!?
- pandas' stomachs are designed to digest meat. not vegetation. but what do they eat? peacocks (see above). no! bamboo. yes!
- pandas are nutjobs

phew, feels good to get that out there. so many people love the sneezing panda video - those people are amateurs. thank you for attending the first instalment of my panda lecture series. be sure to pencil in my next one (sometime in the next 345 days).


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