May 29, 2011

day twenty-seven - praying mantis

i am such a hypocrite. yesterday i was ordering everyone to watch the doco on the great rift valley in africa and i didn't even watch it myself. tsk tsk.

what happened this week? someone tell me quick! i can guarantee it didn't include this guy:

© jem barratt

back-stitched, not drawn. praying mantises are the best. i miss my pet mantis. go here to see mantises who look like oriental dancers and orchids. pretty!

once when i was camping, a little orange rectangular mantis hitched a ride on my shoulder while i walked for an hour back to camp. that was the best. but he was clearly using me. sigh.

someone remind me to DRAW these stupid animals before i stitch them. stitching takes hours and it's just plain silly to stitch straight from a photo. you may (slightly) notice this is unfinishe...

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