June 30, 2011

day fifty-nine - caracal

as a non-lover of cats i do not care for such 'faux' wild cats as caracals and servals. to me, a caracal is merely a domestic cat with hairy ears, and a serval a tiny stretched leopard. actually, that sounds pretty good.


© jem barratt

they both have cute babies, and that's how they roped me in (the caracal that is, i still am on the fence with servals [not literally, that would be dangerous]), despite my depiction looking like a dweeb and its dad looking extremely depressed.

not to mention they PLUCK BIRDS FROM MID-AIR. they are so cool i can ignore their cattiness. plus, how can you not love an animal whose repetitive scientific name makes them sound uber mysterious.

you're the best caracal (caracal caracal).

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