June 28, 2011

day fifty-seven - galah

this morning as i walked to work i noticed one tree shedding much more tree debris (tree-bris?) than any other despite a noticeable lack of wind. i looked up to discover the cause and my eyes were met with seven galahs gleefully going to town on the tree's seed pods. what a great start to the morning!

© jem barratt

lately i've noticed the great power birds have to cheer me up. i am generally in a bad mood, but watching birds always makes me smile. yay!

like most australian birds, galahs are super cool. and naturally we have a big version. but galah chicks? they are something else. something younger. plus they live in holes. and they are so 80s.

this is the second galah i've ever made, and it won't be the last. although i had help from mr mantis for the first one...

so if you're feeling down, go scour the trees for a galah or a rosella and you'll be fine in no time! if all else fails, come here instead. i promise to draw you happy things.

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