June 27, 2011

day fifty-six - binturong

the letter b, brought to you by my streaky as (bleep) scanner...

© jem barratt

this doesn't completely look like a binturong (for how can i convey his chocolatey eyes in green paint-pen?) but i still like it. it makes me want to write some kind of old children's novel about animals, in which the animal in question is holding the text. yes.

i love the adelaide zoo binturong. he manages to be charming while crunching up chicken bones. all i know about these guys (apart from their delicious-looking eyes and their penchant for bones) is that they are also known as bearcats. but NOW i also know that they are sometimes kept as pets and smell like pop corn.

what a tasty best friend they could make! tasty-smelling and tasty-looking that is. don't eat your pets you nutjob.

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