June 19, 2011

day forty-eight - donkey

i'm not sure if you've noticed but most of my drawings are sidenotes to the videos and photos i want to show you. i have so many favourite animal videos that i end up using my drawing as a thinly veiled excuse to share them (actual sidenote: i keep saying unveal instead of unveil/reveal).

and thus, DONKEY:

© jem barratt

so now that business is out of the way, this is what i wanted to share:

© jem barratt

when i was in bolivia i went to isla del sol on lake titicaca and these two were living outside the tiny house i stayed in. the little one is so extremely cute. aargh! mind you, the noises they made were truly frightening. like "why did i isolate myself on an island with a bunch of frenzied donkeys?" scary.

no doubt that's a fear everyone's experienced...

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