June 20, 2011

day forty-nine - two-toed sloth

i actually think the three-toed sloth is cuter (don't tell this guy) but i'm considering depicting one of those via face paint.

© jem barratt

these two-toed guys are the ones you see in zoos, for the three-toed variety cannot survive in captivity due to their picky diet.

sloths are slow and seemingly useless but they are capable of living in your toilet. that fact combined with their moss-covered coats makes them seem pretty gross, but really you should admire them - they are ALWAYS smiling.

and now to quote from one of my favourite books about one of my favourite people (THE sir): "they blink at you with a distant but permanent smile, and an air of having just been woken up." and when he's not loving sloths so much: "when they do wake they lack charm, having wet snuffly noses and shaggy uniformly brown fur."

totes jeals that he got to see a newly born baby sloth and take it home to england. different times.

p.s. i can't wait until i draw the three-toed sloth so i can show you attenborough saying 'boo!' to sloth

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