June 6, 2011

day thirty-five - giraffe

giraffes have a fancy scientific name: giraffa camelopardalis. the second name alludes to their camel-like face and their leopard-like spots (the first name, of course, refers to their overall giraffey-ness)

© jem barratt

they are the tallest mammals, each giraffe has unique spots, and their tongues are crazy long. lions are their only predator, and seeing as lions sleep 20-odd hours a day, while giraffes have one of the smallest sleep requirements of any animal (two hours a day on average) who do you think has the advantage?

lions. obviously. they're LIONS.

BUT giraffes can bring down planes.

BUT BUT they have to fall a good 1.5m from mum to earth during birth.

BUT BUT BUT they look so funny when they're learning how to stand.
ah, their goodnocity beats their negatricities...

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