July 26, 2011

day eighty-five - tasmanian devil

personally i find tassie devils to be quite cute:

© jem barratt

but they are definitely still ferocious (although that gahoole owl movie made them seem like straight out monsters [should i not have just revealed that i actually watched that movie?]).

unfortunately their face tumours are even more ferocious because they spread like a contagious disease. in case you don't know, devils have been ravaged pretty recently by a disease called devil facial tumour disease (DFTD). it's horrible.

the facial tumours can interfere with eating and the devils usually die within months of infection. yes this is a downer, but maybe you can do something to help? the disease has affected more than sixty per cent of tasmania, so the more people that know about it the better.

i'ma donate right now.

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