July 22, 2011

day eighty-one - bison

in honour of the recently-born calf at monarto zoo i drew this:

© jem barratt

like cows, bison used to be my favourite animal, but unlike cows that's not something i'm ashamed of (sorry cows). i even had a little metal bison figurine on my bedside table. super cool.

but then i moved on to others, many others, because i'm a floozy when it comes to picking a favourite animal. (for the record i think it's gibbons at the moment...)

not only are bison noble creatures, but they're also in the ilk of rats and gorillas because of their double scientific name: bison bison. and they have huuuuge heads. which is cool.

now if you would like to see a photo of a bison being born click here. if you would just like to see how adorable a baby bison could be go here. haHA! i tricked you. they was both the same links!!

and now i bid you a devious goodnight.

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