July 17, 2011

day seventy-six - atlantic puffin

aren't puffins adorable?

© jem barratt

yes. even more so when you learn that their young are called pufflings. PUFFLINGS!

i always think of puffins as being magical, and believe i could rely on them to give me directions in the form of riddles if i was lost. but i'm sure everyone thinks like that...

i'm aware of how hypocritical i am for telling you not to eat all these animals i draw as i munch on some lamb for dinner. believe me i know. incidentally, icelanders (or icelandics if you wish to be rude) traditionally eat puffins. and who am i to argue? they're not threatened, and just because puffins have cooler beaks than chickens doesn't mean they're above being human fodder.

although i can't believe they 'fish' them out of the sky with nets. if hunting's not your thing you might still want to watch that to see gordon ramsay get bitten by a puffin...


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