July 14, 2011

day seventy-three - marine iguana

ah galapagos. i was so close (pretty close) to you last year, and yet so far. but what i am close to is my NEW POSCAS!! woooooooooo. celebrate with me marine iguana...


thanks man. i appreciate it. in return i will beat up charles darwin's ghost for you. for here are some of the nasty things he had to say about you*:

"disgusting clumsy lizards"
"i call them 'imps of darkness'"
"a hideous-looking creature ... stupid and sluggish in its movements"
"one day i carried one to a deep pool ... and threw it in several times as far as i was able"

woah now charles, what did they do to you? s'cool iggy i've got your back.

*not made up

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