July 3, 2011

day sixty-two - komodo dragon

i spent ages looking through a primate book of mine before randomly deciding to instead draw this guy:

© jem barratt

or this lady perhaps? it does have some purty eyelashes.

komodo dragons are scary cool. as in they are scary, but also scary amounts of cool. a three-metre lizard cannot be safe. and in fact they even have a toxic bite (previously thought to be due to bacteria, but now known to be caused by actual venom), which slowly kills their prey.

please please go watch the reptile episode of 'life' right now because they filmed a komodo dragon biting a water buffalo, and then stalking it for three weeks as it slowly succumbed to the poison. sad, yes. but there aint much food for dragons these days, so necessary too. and more importantly AMAZING. such dedication.


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