August 11, 2011

day one-hundred-and-one - wombat

as if i let the milestone of 100 days pass by without comment (i did right? i don't actually remember yesterday). it's probably because i viewed it more as a 265-days-empty kind of situation rather than 100-days full.

mmm mixed metaphor goodness. well a year isn't a metaphor i guess, it's just a measure of time. get off my case! enjoy this wombat instead:

© jem barratt

i hope you can at least appreciate the cuteness of wombat if you don't appreciate me arguing with myself. i like this drawing, it's nice. i mean, it definitely looks like a wombat.

i also like the names of australian animals. wombat. numbat. bilby. quoll. bettong. i must remember to draw my country's animals more often.


p.s. finally have bought a new scanner, so hopefully my drawings turn out infinity times better. i'll chart the results and get back to you

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