August 30, 2011

day one-hundred-and-twenty - coati

i love coatis. if you ever go to south america you will too. they kind of have scary teeth but are mostly crazy adorable...

© jem barratt

as a fan of raccoons and red pandas, naturally i am also drawn to coatis. but i have already professed my love of bandito animals here.

they are apparently also known as the 'brazilian aardvark'. oh really brazil? then how come this angry guy was all caged up in peru?

© jem barratt

oh... they stole it from you? sorry brazil... at least you'll always have abacaxi (i.e. the best thing about brazil)!

in case you were wondering what a hog-nosed coon, pizote, crackoon or snookum bear are; they are all the same thing (consult pictures above). although that is according to wikipedia, so coatis are probably 'also known as' fatsookas and schnozwozzles too.


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