October 10, 2011

day one-hundred-and-sixty-one - bubble eye goldfish

a bubbly eye may look hilarious but i imagine it would be very uncomfortable...

© jem barratt

in fact, my fishy looks downright terrified. actually most of them do. not this coy fish though. and yes i mean coy, as in shy, not koi as in carp.

actually, the more i search these 'fancy' goldfish the worse i feel. don't get me wrong this is hilarious (and is obviously the lady of the species what with its red lips and titty bubbles), but i strongly suspect these guys have been bred for ridiculous looks like teacup pomeranians and mini pigs, and thus are very susceptible to death.

apparently most fish are known to tear open or eat the bubble eye's optical sacs. mmmmm.

but hey, what they lack in longevity and uninfected eyes they make for with an EXTRA TAIL! double tail action.

but but no. their swollen eye bubbles obscure their vision, and they can't be kept with other fish or rocks in case their wafer-thin eyes get all scratched up and pustular. looks are not the most important thing when it comes to pets people!

or are they? (no)


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