October 11, 2011

day one-hundred-and-sixty-two - eastern grey kangaroo

i'm surprised that i'm australian and it's taken me this long to draw a kangaroo.

© jem barratt

to be honest, i used to be pretty unimpressed with australian animals. i think it was because in other parts of the world kangaroos and platypuses are seen as strange or even made-up creatures - i always thought they weren't any weirder than a skunk or a raccoon, probably because they're the normal animals we see here when we stray from the city.

but i've since changed. mainly because kangaroos ARE weird if you think about them too much... or even if you just go to the australian museum and see this guy:

© jem barratt

incidentally, you should probably also go there if you love puns.

in any case, i went on a bushwalk today and happened across a grey kangaroo with a little joey in its pouch. i felt pretty lucky that i got to see some kangaroos just by going for a walk.

thanks australia - i like you today.


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