November 14, 2011

day one-hundred-and-ninety-six - przewalski's horse

pronounced sheh-VAL-ski apparently (not pruz-e-wul-skee as i had hoped)

© jem barratt

terrible drawing i know. i do have a knack for never drawing whole animals. i always start the animal in a really inopportune spot on the page. almost as inopportune as using 'inopportune' in that sentence was.

confusing. anyway, my horse-drawing ability is irrelevant - the important thing is that this guy (and his horsey brethren) is pretty endangered. the good news though, is that they were deemed to be extinct in the wild in 1996 but have since done it like crazy to reach a population number of more than 300.

you can see other IUCN 'red listed' species here.


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