November 29, 2011

day two-hundred-and-eleven - pacific white-sided dolphin

i love how species-specific i am sometimes, when at other times i just write 'cat?'

obviously my laziness extends far beyond my art and touches my research and writing too. gross laziness - hands off!

so i painted today! (that's exciting)

© jem barratt

ooo and it even looks quite nice. i must be moving up in the world.

before i go i must address some things:

  • firstly mr scanner, i love you. you are great. thanks for not being a dick like that other guy and putting blue shit all over my art
  • secondly, i was inspired to paint this dolphin not because he's cool (in fact, i despise dolphins - they do it in the blowhole, they trap fish in shrinking mud circles to make them panic, and they rape humans!.. sort of) but because of this photo. if more dolphins were like that i might change my opinion of the entire delphinidae family
  • thirdly, i am seriously considering some type of art school, so i'm not so embarrassed to show you my drawings

good eve!


p.s. despise was a little strong, i just think they're overrated
p.p.s. maybe i should have drawn a mammoth to accompany this mammoth post... ha Ha HA!!
p.p.p.s. sorry


  1. Be an artist already so I can buy your art then have people over to my house to see my Barr-art...see what I did there? Nearly worked....

  2. i'm glad that you want me to be an artist just so you can use a sweet pun. but wait a minute, that means you don't already consider me an artist. you fiend! (fair enough)