November 22, 2011

day two-hundred-and-four - takin

cow-bears!! these guys would be a nightmare in that katamari level where you have to avoid touching anything cow-ish or bear-ish.

by the way, they're not bears or even very bear-ish at all. they just make me think 'cow bear'. how about you? to be honest, i think it's just because they're so furry. and funny. and occasionally cow-bear-moosey...

© jem barratt

well i suppose i should talk in truths instead of just spouting what i think they look like. they are actually goat-antelopes. not cows (or bears [obviously]) at all. their mental goat-eyes should tip you off.

also they are the national animal of bhutan (along with a 'druk' or thunder dragon, but at least this guy's real). in your face bhutan, we have two REAL animals as our national reps.

on the other hand, yours looks more mystical and revered (and cute) than the emu and the kangaroo...


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