January 15, 2012

day two-hundred-and-fifty-eight - lion-tailed-macaque

sorry guy-who-named-lion-tailed-macaques... lion-tailed you say? lion-TAILED!?

© jem barratt

they have lion-manes guy, come on! and look how unhappy the macaque is about it.

this oversight has of course prompted me to devise yet another drawing series that i will never do. but i'd better not share it, because the fact that i have said i won't do it means i probably will.

i also have a new blog idea in mind. although it would require a fair bit of work, and as we all know... i... am... laaaaa....z.................y

anyway back to the macaque - he looks cool. as do many other types of macaques. this one in particular can be quite terrifying, super sneaky and... huh?


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