January 13, 2012

day two-hundred-and-fifty-six - sugar glider


this blog has not been informative (at least not about the animals) in a very long time. so today i will attempt to teach you some things:

firstly, i am a liar...

© jem barratt

i did draw with the colour-splash background again. lesson? don't trust me!

secondly, while these marsupials are australian it is americans that are most obsessed with them - there is a big sugar glider pet market in the US and they are sometimes (sickeningly) referred to as 'pocket pets'

thirdly, that is so so stupid america. they are NOCTURNAL! and they cannot be toilet trained. perhaps because they are wild-freaking-animals-and-should-not-be-kept-for-your-selfish-purposes

fourthly, they live off sap and gum - hence being sugar gliders and not insect-gliders

fifthly, their goal in life is to attack the moon (obviously) so that it is always night

lastly, bolding words is a nice alternative to dot points. just so you know


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