January 28, 2012

day two-hundred-and-seventy-one - leaf beetle

when i first spied this beetle's golden spots, i thought it would be the perfect animal to draw today as i own a gold posca pen.

unfortunately it does not seem to actually resemble gold when used:

© jem barratt

but, for once, i think i did some pretty nice watercolouring. you win some you lose some. next time i'll procure some gold leaf and win at drawing golden animals...

oh right, you want to know about the beetle and not my lack of arting supplies?

well, they store toxic chemicals in their bodies, which is why they're so bright - to warn predators off. how thoughtful of them!

if i was toxic, i'd let animals eat me so they would die and learn their lesson... in ghostworld...

and also i'd be dead.

touché leaf beetle.

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