January 25, 2012

day two-hundred-and-sixty-eight - peccary

all the kinds of peccary! condensed into one...

© jem barratt

i'm a bit obsessed with charley harper. i got his biography for christmas, but today i returned from my lunch break to find a postcard book of charley harper prints on my desk courtesy of a particularly lovely friend. so that re-sparked my desire to steal be inspired by his style.

i love peccaries. although they should be called 'head-pigs-on-legs'. truly. and apparently they can kill humans. really?

that same aforementioned friend was alone in a bolivian jungle when she heard their frantic shrieking coming towards her. meanwhile i was piranha fishing with another friend... as you do.

although they don't look like killers, the sound they make suggests otherwise. their alternative names 'javelina' and 'skunk pig' should give you an idea of their javelin-like tusks and their awful smell.

but i still love them. they just look. so. funny.


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