January 26, 2012

day two-hundred-and-sixty-nine - philippine deer

hi there. so for the past four or five days i've actually been drawing two animals a day in preparation for an eight-day trip i am taking on monday.

don't worry, i am also surprised by my organisation. who knew i could have called this blog 730 animals all along...

© jem barratt

this looked a lot better when i was imagining it.

oh well. here's a dark deer from the philippines. they are considered 'vulnerable' (aww), and this one only has three legs (AWW).

apparently the locals eat them, which is always a tough situation to condemn. it's like icelandics eating puffins. you can't really get all haughty about the survival of the animal if it means the local people have no food to eat.

though i would still choose the deer... what's so special about humans?


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