January 18, 2012

day two-hundred-and-sixty-one - amur leopard

david attenborough once told me (via a tv show not in real life unfortunately) that there were only 35 amur leopards left in the wild. THIRTY-FIVE!

and that was at least five years ago, so hopefully this species is not extinct. i'm glad the one i drew looks quite sad because it's more evocative that way.

© jem barratt

also his body is vanishing which is just so deep.

i got accepted into a science degree today, so hopefully i can eventually help save some species. the amur leopard will no doubt be extinct by then (aside: can you believe black rhinos are actually extinct in the wild!? humans are the worst), but maybe we'll discover some new species that i can then proceed to save

either that or i'll do absolutely nothing with it just like my other two degrees...


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  1. wow look at me two degrees!...

    good luck with life mate