January 24, 2012

day two-hundred-and-sixty-seven - armadillo

don't ask me which one. the nine-banded one i believe? yeah it's probably that one. (hurry up science degree i need you!)

© jem barratt

i've thought about drawing an armadillo so many times, but have never found the right style to do it in. i think i made a good choice!

the writing looks terrible though.

hey, would you really be satisfied with this post if i actually loved what i drew!? oh you would? you/you guys/nobody/that ghost is/are nice!


p.s. i was sure this guy would be listed as highly endangered because of the south american desire to make animals into instruments, but no, they are of least concern. so pluck away! (if they're armaguitars. they're probably better suited to percussion instruments...)

p.p.s. i guess this is how they evade so much danger? although i don't see how making yourself look like a tasty melon/basketball is safe. i would steal either option and eat it. yep.

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