January 20, 2012

day two-hundred-and-sixty-three - bilby

as if i haven't drawn a bilby yet!?

unnecessary question mark, get out of here! (...never ? muah?ha???ha)

© jem barratt

i didn't mean for him to be so cute, but i stuffed the face up and just went with it. and now i love him. although he does look like he should be in that kid's show 'arthur'. what was arthur by the way? a rat? a gopher? i have no idea.

also have you ever noticed all the lines in that cartoon are broken. it's really weird.

trust me. and trust this guy too. doesn't he just look so trustfulworthly?



p.s. oh yeah, some facts. in australia we eat easter bilbies not rabbits because rabbits are evil in australia. well some of us do - people who can afford (and like) fancy chocolate. um what else? surprisingly they are only 'vulnerable' and not 'endangered' - in south australia our zoos are trying to breed them like crazy for reintroduction. AND they like to stick their heads in the sand. the end. you couldn't possibly learn anything else about them!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastically enjoyable post! :D
    Your bilby is awesome, the colouring is brilliant,
    the write up marvellous and the trustworthy bilby image killed me with
    it's hilarity.

    And fear.

    (german for" I like good posten")