February 29, 2012

day three-hundred-and-three - dalmatian pelican

or pelecanus crispus (the crispiest of all pelicans)

i'll be honest with you. i started uni this week so i think you'll either get pretty good pictures with not much writing, or a lot of rambling to accompany a terrible picture. i don't have the time (slash energy) for both.

today it is the first option:

© jem barratt

ta da!

and good night!


p.s. actually i can't leave without bringing up the fact that these guys do not resemble dalmatians in the slightest. were you expecting a spotted pelican or a bird with four legs perhaps?

February 28, 2012

day three-hundred-and-two - red-spotted purple butterfly

you may think that name is weird once you see my drawing...

© jem barratt

there are no spots, no purple and no red. but to be fair the picture i drew from didn't have a name for this butterfly - so in all honesty it might not even be a red-spotted purple butterfly. but you can take a look and judge for yourself.

i can't talk anymore - got to learn year 11 and 12 chem in one night.



February 27, 2012

day three-hundred-and-one - black grouse

i just drew four other animals besides this one so i'm afraid all you get is this drawing and a terrible (i.e. great) pun:

© jem barratt

i can't draw bird feet as you may have noticed.

and you will notice it more in a few days, when you see the feet i stuck on a pigeon. human feet. on a real pigeon.


February 26, 2012

day three-hundred - pineapple fish

three-hundred! the end is at least in this century of drawings!

and a morning post too?! what is going on. i'll tell you what's going on, i have stuff to do so look at this fish and be grateful you got a drawing at all:

© jem barratt

i really like the way i did the writing. my typographising is second to none (except, you know, artists and graphic designers and scribes probably). in any case i like it. although the fish looks a lot more worried that he should.

i'm going to be picky and suggest they don't actually look like pineapples, more like a yellow pinecone ot net. maybe that's not catchy enough. it's just that the fish is interesting enough without having an attention-grabbing (and inaccurate) name - i mean, i bet it doesn't even taste like pineapple.

this guy, like me, is australian and, also like me, has bioluminescent organs and is nocturnal and is covered in spines. oh actually, the spines make it more pineappley. as you can see, we have loads in common.

so i might drop my plans today and go hang out with one.


February 25, 2012

day two-hundred-and-ninety-nine - alpine newt

what are the chances i can draw the final 66 animals this weekend? i can't see how i can spend much time on drawing with uni starting in two days, although i won't have a job after friday. that's the trick. be unemployed! then you can achieve anything! (except living of course, and eating and such...)

in any case, the alpine newt doesn't have such worries. because he has a bright orange belly and comely spots (comely sounds like such a dirty word for some reason).

© jem barratt

plus, he's clearly ready for action.

those colours are so inaccurate - but you get the gist. all the photos of these guys are of them swimming, but they actually live in forests. forest pools i guess... but they are only marine (and orange) during mating season. once that's all done and dusted they come back to land and become boring brown newts once more. what a cool newt though - they get to have an aquatic alter ego!

alright. that's enough for today.


February 24, 2012

day two-hundred-and-ninety-eight - pipefish

of all shapes and sizes! (well... three colourations and pretty much only one shape to be honest)

© jem barratt

they're in the same family as the seahorse, and are pretty cool, don't you think? they kind of look like seahorses that have been stretched out and straightened. and, much like their kin, they are awful swimmers. yep. fish that suck at swimming.

and there are so many genera of pipefish that there's almost one for every letter of the alphabet. (in fact, there are over 50, but lots of them start with s and p).


February 23, 2012

day two-hundred-and-ninety-seven - sparkling violetear

well this was pretty fun to draw

© jem barratt

i like the colours, and i will definitely be drawing more hummingbirds. actually... i haven't drawn a single bird of paradise either. jeez. 365 animals is just not enough. maybe i shouldn't have drawn fifty pandas...

i can't stop doing that frankie font either. if you don't know what frankie is, click this.

if you're also wondering why this hummingbird is called what it is, then wonder no more! it's his purply ear flaps, silly.

i am way too tired to link any of those sentences together. you do it.