February 26, 2012

day three-hundred - pineapple fish

three-hundred! the end is at least in this century of drawings!

and a morning post too?! what is going on. i'll tell you what's going on, i have stuff to do so look at this fish and be grateful you got a drawing at all:

© jem barratt

i really like the way i did the writing. my typographising is second to none (except, you know, artists and graphic designers and scribes probably). in any case i like it. although the fish looks a lot more worried that he should.

i'm going to be picky and suggest they don't actually look like pineapples, more like a yellow pinecone ot net. maybe that's not catchy enough. it's just that the fish is interesting enough without having an attention-grabbing (and inaccurate) name - i mean, i bet it doesn't even taste like pineapple.

this guy, like me, is australian and, also like me, has bioluminescent organs and is nocturnal and is covered in spines. oh actually, the spines make it more pineappley. as you can see, we have loads in common.

so i might drop my plans today and go hang out with one.


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