February 14, 2012

day two-hundred-and-eighty-eight - black squirrel

i don't want to talk about this

© jem barratt

what i do want to talk about is why melanistic subgroups (the black ones of species) are the chosen ones to be eliminated from the world.

example one - only BLACK llamas are sacrificed in bolivia, and first they are dressed up in woollen tassels and trotted around a festival. mean. what's so good about the other llamas huh?

example two - united kingdom citizens are meant to report sightings of BLACK squirrels in order to track the species and get rid of them. sure they're part of an invasive species, but the species in question is the GREY squirrel. so why target only the blacks huh?

animal racism.


p.s. you may consider two examples to be inconclusive and you'd be quite right.

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